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About Us

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Welcome to conscious.kin.


This is a place of acceptance, connection and calm. 



When you look around our showrooms or website you can rest assured that every product, story or image you see in our space has been deliberately placed there because we believe in the message it sends.


Currently our range is entirely owned by Australian and New Zealand organisations. This ensures total transparency and world class manufacturing standards. For any items that have been made overseas we ensure the entire chain is ethical, safe and responsible both for people and the planet.

We base our decisions on the internationally recognised Real Beauty Manifesto, being six pillars encompassing sustainability, purity, compassion, community, transparency and honesty.

It is incredibly important to us the products we offer are free from unnecessary additives and fillers. As such we independently conduct audits of ingredients by leading industry professionals to make sure there are no hazardous synthetic chemicals that may affect the wellbeing of our community.


At conscious.kin we care that you feel the best version of yourself. We believe that you have the right to make choices that reflect your values and ideals. Our job is to make sure that you never have to compromise quality, value or your integrity in that pursuit.


Beauty and wellness can be inseparable.

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